Repair & Test Centre

Siemens Servo Motor Test Bench

Servo Motor Repairs & Testing

Sietronic and Control has recently completed their state of the art Servo Motor Repair and Test facility which is currently located in their workshop within the Pinetown area. This allows the company to offer a quicker turn around service and repair to the industry. With the operation of the companies competent standby team and wide range of spares stocked locally, almost any Siemens Servo Motor can be repaired within a short period of time. The test facility allows for full load testing of Motors once repaired and alignment of the feedback system. Test reports can be generated such as the temperature rise, current on each phase, Torque, Rpm and many other parameters. The test facility consists of the latest Sinamics S120 with Smart Line Infeed and the ability to load test Servo Motors up to full load of 45amps, with or without Drive Cliq. Sietronic and Control has direct contact with the software team of Siemens in Germany and can access, program and re-calibrate the software found within the Servo Motor Drive Cliq interface.

Drive Repairs and Testing