Sinamics G150

Sinamics G150 Cabinet Units – The Sinamics G150 is a full cabinet solution that can be customised to suite the application requirements with wide variety of power sizes and voltages. The AC/AC connection system allows for quick connection and easy commissioning.

Sinamics V20

Sinamics V20 – The most cost effective inverter for basic applications. Sinamics V20 1AC 230 0.12KW – 3KW 3AC 400V 0.37KW – 30KW


Sinamics G120C is a compact inverter that is available in 3AC 400V up to 18.5kw for basic to medium applications that requires profibus or profinet communication and equipped with a vast amount of advance technological features. 


Sinamics G120 is a modular inverter that is available in 1AC 220, 3AC 400(200KW ) and 690(110KW). The modular design allows for the power module, control unit and operatiing panel to be easily removed and reinstalled. For medium to advance applications that requires high end technological features including encoder feedback for basic positioning.


Sinamics S120 is available in various power and kw ranges from the smallest single axis cabinet unit to the multi axis booksize unit up to the chassis unit. The advance S120 can  tackles the high end motion control applications that requires high dynamic responses to the low end motion control application that requires reduced space and cabling. The S120 is available with single quadrant and four quadrant capabilities and compatible to all induction and servo motor types.


Simotics Servo Motors are high efficiency motors design to handle speeds of up to 10 000rpm. We can supply any Siemens servo motor with specific feedback, connectors, brakes and any other special requirements. We provide state of the art technological repairs to all servo motors including drive-cliq feedback within a 24 hour turn around time for emergencies and breakdown of machinery. We can supply all power and signal cables for Simotics Servo Motors.